Squib 16 Oct 2020

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2020 Northridge International Orders #1 & #3 - Bayonets.mp4

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I have placed three orders with Northridge international this year. I hadn't bought anything from them since 2014. The first and third orders showed up a day apart and the second order showed up four days later. I will make another unboxing video for the third order at a later time.

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Squib 1 year ago

I uploaded three videos on the 15th of September. I DID NOT intend to PUBLISH three videos in one day. Gunstreamer DEFAULTS to Public. I was in a hurry and I did not manually change that. I cannot find any setting or preferences like what is in the YT Studio.

Gunstreamer, give us the option to have our videos default to unlisted. Also GET RID OF AUTOPLAY

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