mannyCA 13 Apr 2018

.223 at 300+ yards - Distance Shooting

In General

This time we go out and try our hand at the 200 & 300 meter steel silhouette chickens and pigs with our Savage Model 12 in .223. We took a day off to do some casual plinking and messing around with some hail Mary shots and Kentucky windage where necessary.

We are shooting hand loaded 50 grain Nosler BT with 25 grains of Ramshot TAC. The load shoots dead on at 200 yards but at past 300 we used the mildot sights on our Bushnell to get consistent hits with a rainbow trajectory.
Note how visible the bullet trail or vapor trace on some of the shots can be seen, this is caused by the disturbance in the air as the bullet travels. Certain sunlight position and atmospheric conditions can enhance this and sometimes it can be seen with the naked eye.

Nothing like a day at the range with good friends, good guns, and a target rich environment. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it. Keep shooting people!

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