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223 vs 308: Best SHTF Rifle Cartridge

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When it comes to debates at your local gun store, your grandfather’s porch, or around the fire at your deer camp, there is none more heated than 223 vs 308. The 223 Remington and the 308 Winchester are the two most popular centerfire rifle cartridges across North America, Europe, and the world.

Ever since the 223 Rem replaced the 308 Winchester as the U.S. Military standard issue cartridge in the 1960s, the debate has raged on hotter than a +P+ 44 Magnum round as to which of these two rifle cartridges is better.

Although I doubt we will solve the 308 vs 223 caliber crisis in this article, I am confident that you will learn which is the right NATO round for your needs.

The 223 is perhaps the most prolific centerfire rifle round on the planet. Its low recoil and high muzzle velocity give it a flat trajectory and make it an incredibly easy round to shoot accurately. With an effective range around 600 yards, the 223 has been the frontline battle cartridge for the U.S. Military for about 20 years and has proven itself in the battlefields of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

However, the long range prowess of the 308 cannot be denied. As the 308 has been the primary sniping round for law enforcement and the military longer than the 223 has been in service. It is also one of the most popular big game hunting cartridges across the globe. Hunters love the power and versatility than the 308 provides and allows them the power of the 30-06 Springfield in a short action hunting rifle. Although the 308 was considered too high recoil from frontline use, it is been a consistent option for snipers and machine guns since the 1960's.


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