mannyCA 13 Apr 2018

2A Update - California Legislature Dates

In General

Knowing how the State Government runs and what to do about it is just the first step of the fight. Understand the dates, know the procedures and take action.

Contact your Rep in Sacramento tell them NO on any more gun bans.

And to those fortunate enough to live in the Free Areas, don't think this won't come to your state. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Jan. 3 Legislature reconvenes
Jan. 10 Budget Bill must be submitted by Governor
Jan 31Last day for each house to pass bills introduced in that house
Feb. 16 Last day for bills to be introduced
June 1 Last day for each house to pass bills introduced in that house
June 4 Committee meetings may resume
June 15 Budget Bill must be passed by midnight

AUG. 31 Last day for each house to pass bills, except bills that take effect immediately or bills in Extraordinary Session

Sep. 30 Last day for Governor to sign or veto bills passed by the Legislature before Sept. 1 and in the Governor's possession on or after Sept. 1

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