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30-30 Ammo - History

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In 1895, Winchester introduced their .30 Winchester Smokeless cartridge, with the head stamp ".30 W.C.F.", which stood for Winchester Center Fire. Soon after Winchester introduced the cartridge, the Marlin Firearms Company, collaborating with the Union Metallic Cartridge Company, released the cartridge in their own version. They followed the common contemporary method of ammunition identification by listing the caliber first and the powder charge weight second. The result was the designation ".30-30" – meaning a .30 caliber bullet and a powder charge of 30 grains.

At first, bullets weighing 160 grains were offered, as the .30-30 was intended for use as a short-range hunting cartridge for deer and other medium-sized game animals in North America. Today, bullets commonly weigh between 110 and 170 grains. Soft point bullets, as well as hollow point bullets, are the most common configuration. The effective range of the .30-30 has historically been 200 yards, but new technology – specifically the Hornady LEVERevolution cartridge – sends a bullet that retains more than 1,000 foot pounds of energy as far out as 300 yards.

The .30-30 has been chambered in several different types of guns. And without question, the lever action is the most popular. The Winchester Model 94 as well as the Marlin Model 336 are two famous examples of high-quality, long-lasting .30-30 lever action rifles. Savage Arms offered this round with their pump action Model 170C and with their bolt action Model 340. Thompson Center chambers .30-30 in a single shot pistol, and Magnum Research sells a semi-custom revolver based on their BFR revolver.

Independent of the chosen firearm, the .30-30 was and remains a great cartridge for hunting any game of medium size. Many hunters are appreciative of the mild recoil from this potent round, as well as the compact rifles that have been chambered for this caliber – since they are lightweight and simple to maneuver in country with heavy brush. For many reasons, the .30-30 cartridge will likely be used for another hundred years.

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