Gould Brothers
Gould Brothers 23 Nov 2018

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30.30 Rifle vs Christmas Tree 馃巹How Many Shots Will it Take? | Gould Brothers

In General

How many rounds will it take to cut down a Christmas tree with a 30.30 Winchester Model 94 rifle? Comment Below and join us for our 2018 Christmas tree hunt.

(2017) Shotgun vs Christmas Tree 馃巹http://bit.ly/ShotgunVsChristmasTree17

What should we use to cut down our next Christmas tree?

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馃帀 馃挜 Live Exhibition Shooting Shows 馃挜馃帀
The Gould Brothers perform a one of a kind live trick shooting entertainment show that will amaze you with their shooting feats while making you laugh as they share their stories and compete against each other with "brotherly love"聺. http://bit.ly/BooktheBros

OTHER PRODUCTS WE USE 馃憠http://bit.ly/3030vsChristmasTreeblog

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