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American Gun Chic 14 Feb 2020

300lb Burglar Gets Brained by 65 Year Old HoneyBadger w/Baseball Bat!!

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HoneyBadger Adelina Mae showcases 65 Year Old Clarese Gainey who refused to be a victim when a 300lb man she allegedly caught breaking into her car charged her. She followed up with brain shotting him in his skull with a baseball bat she had by the door. This man was messing with the #WrongHoneyBadger

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ArthurWhite 6 days ago

I don't think the problem is GunStreamer. 397MB for less than 3 minutes of video is a LOT. A typical movie presented this way would be a 15GB file. Please tweak your compression settings and consider uploading at a lower resolution.

I downloaded the video to take my connection (which is plenty fast enough) out of the equation, and the video would still just barely play on my old machine which doesn't have a GPU. The video portion would freeze or break up frequently because the CPU couldn't keep up, and this might be mistaken for bandwidth issues while streaming. But Allyouhad Andmoreagain might be experiencing buffering. The file size is much bigger than it needs to be.

Keep up the good work.

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Allyouhad Andmoreagain

What good is a YouTube alternative that does nothing except buffer? Can't watch half these videos at all.

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American Gun Chic
American Gun Chic 9 days ago

Strange! It works for me. You sure its not your connection?

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 9 days ago

Awesome, good for her

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American Gun Chic
American Gun Chic 9 days ago


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