fosscad 20 Jul 2019

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3D Printed AK-47 Rifle [Test Fire]

In General

This is the FIRST 3D PRINTED AK-47 RECEIVER by Eric Dienno!

3D printed DX-7 Rifle Receiver the first and only 3d printable AK-47 receiver. The DX-7 is an upgraded AK-47 receiver it was designed by Eric Dienno of DNO Firearms. The operating system is standard AK, keeping all of the great things about the original Kalashnikov rifle and only modernizing and improving the ergonomics and user interface.

Filiment :

Cheap practice filament:

DryBox for Nylon Filiment:

3D Printer:

Rowe Tactical Products

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Edmen 5 years ago

Is this available for download somewhere?

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