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44 Magnum vs 45 ACP: Kings of Muzzle Energy

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The 45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) and 44 Magnum are two powerful handgun rounds that are rarely compared. Although the bullet that each cartridge fires is separated by only a few hundredths of an inch, the terminal ballistics of the 45 ACP and 44 Mag are considerably different from one another.

This leads some new (and experienced) shooters to question if they need a higher pressure 44 Magnum revolver for self-defense or if the 45 ACP has enough stopping power to do the job.

Most self-defense situations do not require the power that the 44 Mag provides. The potential for over penetration is simply too high as well as the potential liability issues as well. Furthermore, the recoil of the 44 Magnum makes it less appealing for concealed carry, and this is where the 45 ACP shines.

However, the power the 44 Mag offers is excellent for big game hunting for animals like hogs and whitetail. The 45 ACP simply does not have enough kinetic energy to take these animals humanely where the 44 does.

There's no denying that the 45 ACP and 44 Remington Magnum are amazing rounds when employed in the areas that they excel at.

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