Full Lead Taco
Full Lead Taco 13 Apr 2018

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45-70 Loading 2 x Bullets in One Case!

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Been wanting to do this for a while. Just because... Next video I will shoot them on paper.


NOE 460-186-CB collar button bullet mold
NOE bushing sizing die
Hornady reloading dies 45-70
RCBS Pro-Melt Casting Pot
Toaster oven
Powderbuythepound.com powder coat powder
Lyman g6 powder dispenser
Frankford Arsenal loading trays
Forster Co-Ax Reloading Press

The Making of Thumbs Up by Joe Bagale

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BarnDweller 6 years ago

I have seen some bullets shaped like that on NOE's site. I wonder if there is one I could use in my 450 Bushmaster I just picked up? I am going to try some 45 Colt molds I have a box of store baught FTX bullets (man I am glad I do not buy bullet very often, EXPENSIVE) the nose on some of the bullets on NOE's site look the same as the FTX bullets.

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Full Lead Taco
Full Lead Taco 6 years ago

yours is a bolt-action 450 bushmaster, right? You should be able to use pretty much any 45 colt bullet as long as it feeds.

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