GunFreedomRadio 09 Oct 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP262 What Does It All Mean? with Eric Watson

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Our guest today is Eric Watson. Eric is the owner of Watson’s Hat Shop, which is a slice of American history and ingenuity and at one point, Eric was the youngest master hat maker in the country.
Eric is a Christian and has a love of our nation and the Constitutional protections, including our Second Amendment, that we inherited from our Founding Fathers.
Eric holds a degree in International Diplomacy and Peace Studies and has been keeping track of news articles leading up to the 2020 Election that seem to be unrelated, yet Eric says we can see a common thread running through them.
1) You have been monitoring news articles on the “coin shortage”, on expected rolling blackouts, on the United Nations, Covid19 and on a big G20 meeting in our nation’s Capital. What is the common thread?
2) You have been considering a run for office. How did you come to that decision?
3) So you see ways for individuals to right the ship to point back to the Constitutional Principles that our Founders secured for us?

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