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GunFreedomRadio EP340 The AZ Governor’s Race with Kari Lake

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Our guest today is Kari Lake. Kari is the former anchor for Fox 10 News in Phoenix who became a symbol of truth in journalism when she walked away from the mainstream media despite being number one in the ratings for more than two decades.
Now she's running for Governor of Arizona on a platform of common sense conservatism dedicated to individual liberties, low taxes, limited regulation, and protecting Arizona's great Western heritage.
1) The next election is going to be so important, not just for AZ, but all over the nation. There is still so much about the 2020 Election that feels unsettled with the ongoing forensic audit. Clearly, what happens in one state does impact other states, and the importance of hiring (with our votes) Constitutionally-anchored Public Servants has never been greater. What makes you uniquely qualified to be Arizona’s next Governor?
2) Our current AZ Governor has been lukewarm at best about his support of our 2A Rights. What do our listeners need to know about your stance on our rights to keep and bear arms?
3) In July President Trump was in AZ at a Turning Point Action Event and announced each of the candidates for AZ Governor who were in the audience. You were the second name mentioned and the crowd cheered and chanted your name for nearly 30 full seconds! I think Trump even said “Wow!” about the response you received. It is moments like that when Candidates’ campaigns can shift into a higher gear.
4) What are the key issues that you believe our next Arizona Governor will face?

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