GunFreedomRadio 16 Jun 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP323 The Sentinel Over the Audit with AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers

In General

Our guest today is AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers. Senator Rogers is a Conservative America-First Republican in Arizona’s #LD6. She is a retired Air Force Lt Col & pilot, business entrepreneur, and a homeschool mom.
1) What an important time to be in the AZ State Senate. Let’s start with the hottest topic. What is happening with the AZ Election Audit?
2) What else is happening in AZ that is maybe not getting as much public attention as it should?
3) What caused you to put you hat in the political ring?
4) What is the single most important thing that each individual, whether in AZ or in any State, can do right now to protect and preserve our Constitutional Liberties?

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