GunFreedomRadio 09 Jun 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP316 AZ Audit and the GOP with Dr. Kelli Ward

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Our guest today is Dr. Kelli Ward. Kelli is an osteopathic physician and politician who has served as the Chair of the Arizona Republican Party since 2019.
She also served in the Arizona State Senate from 2012 to 2015.
1) Kelli, there is an historic audit taking place right now and right here in our State of AZ. Audits are just a formalized way of “showing your work”. We have been audited by the IRS for finances and by the ATF for our firearms business. Neither was a “Constitutional Crisis”. Our very Founders “called into question” the actions of the Government – which is why we even have a United States – please help us understand why some people – including some Republicans are so against this audit?
2) Some of the people who are against this audit are Republicans. Some are citing that to say that there is a rift and a split in the Republican Party. What would you say about that?
3) The best outcome is that we discover that the election was a “perfect” as the Board of Supervisors seem to think it is. That would mean that our elections are safe, secure, and trustworthy. But, the same people who insist that things are “fine” are the ones who are fighting against having their work checked. The 2022 Elections are only months away – whatever the outcome of the audit, will AZ be ready to hold free and fair elections by then?
4) What is the most important thing for the citizens of AZ to know right now about this audit?

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