GunFreedomRadio 12 Jun 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP211 Educate Your Vote with Daniel McCarthy

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Our guest today is Daniel McCarthy. Daniel is a Constitutional Conservative candidate for US Senator from Arizona in 2020.

Daniel is an entrepreneur and a businessman. He is a husband and father. And he is an example of a citizen who is stepping up to run for office in order to protect and defend the Constitutional Values of Freedom and Liberty.

1) We have a nationwide audience. Tell us about the campaign and the election field here in AZ. Who are you competing with and what are the main issues in your district?

2) One of your platforms is to protect and defend our Second Amendment. Unfortunately, there are politicians RUNNING on the idea of shredding our Founding Documents. What are some of the specific issues that you can positively impact if elected?

3) Too often we are frustrated with the actions of our elected officials and the rally cry goes up to “vote them out”! But, if we were simply PROACTIVE and voted in pro-freedom, pro-2nd amendment candidates in the first place we could avoid a lot of pain. How do we get pro-Constitutional candidates elected to office in Arizona?

4) I see so many political ads popping up. I also hear that Conservative ideas get suppressed on Social Media and elsewhere. How is your campaign being treated in the Media?

5) One of your opponents, your Conservative opponent for the seat, Martha McSally has the AZGOP backing. How much of a challenge is that for your campaign?

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