GunFreedomRadio 02 Oct 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP259 Preppers Predicted This with Glen Tate & Shelby Gallagher

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Our guests today are Glen Tate & Shelby Gallagher authors and co-hosts of the syndicated radio show and podcast Prepping 2.0.
Glen is the author of the best-selling prepper novel series “299 Days”. His "day job" is being an attorney suing government. He and Shelby live in rural Washington state far away from the insanity in Seattle.
Shelby is the author of the prepper novel series “A Great State”, which predicted the mayhem in Portland and antifa starting wildfires.
1) What led you two to start carrying concealed?
2) Shelby, why is it so important for women to carry concealed?
3) What led you two to begin preparing for civil unrest?
4) What does "Prepping 2.0" mean?
5) Both of your books predicted current events. What do you two see coming in the next six months?

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