GunFreedomRadio 15 Dec 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP361 2021 AZ Attorney General Race with Tiffany Shedd

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Our guest today is Tiffany Shedd. Tiffany is a conservative Republican candidate for Arizona State Attorney General.
In addition to being an attorney, she is a farmer, small business owner, homeschool mom, Republican Precinct Committeewomen and an NRA and 4-H certified pistol and shotgun coach. In that capacity, she has taught children the basics of firearm safety and competitive shooting for over 15 years.
Tiffany is running for Attorney General to defend Arizonans’ Second Amendment rights, secure our southern border, and fight back against federal overreach.
1) Stepping into the rough and tumble arena of Politics is not an easy decision. Was there a lightning rod moment that caused you to decide to run for AZ Attorney General, or was it a culmination of things?
2) Talk to us about your stance on the Second Amendment and how the position of Attorney General impacts our State Rights to keep and bear arms.
3) Should you be elected what is your plan for securing the border.
4) What makes you uniquely qualified to hold the office of AZ Attorney General?

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