Glock 33 Gen4 Pocket Size Power House.

Published on 10 Jun 2018 / In General

Finally got out and put some rounds down range with my new Glock 33, Gen4 and I have to say, WOW! I've owned a G26 9x19mm, G27 40 S&W and a G39 45 GAP but this G33 beats them all. Power level is more on par with my 135gr 40 S&W handload but still very controllable and I'd even say comfortable to shoot. Not quite as snappy as the 40 cal, more like a +P 9mm. Had some issues with the 4th round feeding but after a few times it broke in and ran like a champ for the rest of the session. I'm really happy with the 357 Sig ctg. and my Glock 31 and 33. I think they're both real winners. Anyway, thanks for watching, TN.Frank Out.

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bazza56 3 months ago

My daily carry in gen 3

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