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GunFreedomRadio EP235 Get Off My Lawn with Jon Anderson

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Our guest today is Jon Anderson of Get Off My Lawn.
Jon is the Host of the Get Off My Lawn Podcast. Jon and his guests discuss various topics relevant to guns and our 2A rights, as well as other, non-gun related, topics that are important to the host.
The goal of the show is to not only offer great information, but to make the listeners and viewers THINK (and seek out more info) in order to form one’s own opinion.
The Podcast is a live stream each Tuesday night at 9:00pm Central Time.
1) ANYONE can start a YouTube channel, you don't need fancy equipment or a team of writers.
- Sandhills Shooter
2) Common sense isn't common these days.
3) The 2A community needs YOU. We are growing in numbers by leaps and bounds, but there will ALWAYS be room for more at this table.
4) You don't have to be on TV or even on YouTube to be a 2A advocate or activist. All you need is a desire to have REAL conversations with people. There are right and wrong ways to do that, but we all started somewhere.
5) Jon, you have stated that we, as a society, need to start thinking for ourselves again.
- It is HEALTHY to have your beliefs challenged. It seems to me that too many educators have stopped teaching HOW to think and instead are teaching WHAT to think. I want people to QUESTION EVERYTHING, collect as much info as they can, and draw their own conclusions.

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