GunFreedomRadio 03 Jun 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP207 The Ameri-CAN Series: DYI: Grassroots Advocacy with Glen Caroline

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We are doing a series called Ameri-CAN. Talking about the CAN-DO spirit that is part of our American DNA. So much about our lives has been turned upside down by this Corona Virus / Covid-19, and we have been hearing a lot about what we CAN’T do and where we CAN’T go, but our guests during this series are going to talk to us about their area of expertise and all of the ways we still CAN learn and grow, train, connect, and expand our freedoms in ways we maybe haven’t thought about before.

Our guest today is Glen Caroline. Glen is the Director of External Affairs for Second Amendment Foundation /Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Glen worked for the NRA for 29 years. Most of his tenure was spent as Managing Director of NRA-ILA's Grassroots Programs & Campaign Field Operations Division.

1) Tell us about your new role with SAF/CCRKBA.

2) What are some of the things gun owners need to be doing to protect our rights in the current coronavirus environment?

3) What are some of the major challenges for gun owners activism in the coronavirus environment?

4) Is there anything positive or unique you see in grassroots organizing in the current climate?

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