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Hajimoto Productions 03 Aug 2018

Woodchuck Down Gauntlet .22

In General

A problem woodchuck finally gives me a shot opportunity and I take it. There were several rabbits and woodchucks feasting on our plantings and flowers not to mention the substantial chew hole made under the shed and remote wood storage racks. On this day I capture footage of the 15lb woodchuck as he ran around feasting on the plantings and grass. We won't have that problem anymore.

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The_Hellion 10 months ago

At least it played for you guys.

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Bobby 12 months ago

Is there away to get this to play loading so slow palys 2 to 5 seconds at a time.

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Bigdaddy 1 year ago

Man these videos are super slow loading that sucks

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JimNM 1 year ago

Nice documentary. Haji is great!

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Hajimoto Productions

Thank you for the kind words!

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