GunFreedomRadio 23 Jul 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP329 Convention of States and the AZ Audit w AZ Senator Kelly Townsend

In General

Our guest today is AZ Senator Kelly Townsend. Senator Townsend has proudly served the citizens of the 16th Legislative District since 2013.
Kelly is an accomplished author with books published in the USA, Croatia, and Slovenia. She is well traveled internationally, with a deep interest in other cultures and customs, languages, and of course, international and state government.
And she is a fierce defender of the Constitution and is a national leader in the Article V movement and our AZ Election Integrity Audit.
1) We have moved into a new phase of the audit here in AZ. Talk to us about what we know and what we anticipate in the near future.
2) You have been a regular speaker at each of our annual Celebrate and Protect the Second Amendment Rally Events. Why is the 2A important to you?
3) What is the Convention of States?
4) What is the Article V movement?

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