GunFreedomRadio 05 Oct 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP260 The Gun Report with JP Pilsbury

In General

Our guest today is JP Pilsbury. JP is a professional actor, stuntman, fight choreographer, gun trainer, team armorer, instructor and is the Manager of Gun Freedom Radio's title sponsor, AZFirearms.

In 2007 JP began an entertainment career with Roughrider Total Entertainment and used his passion for firearms to develop a one-man cowboy show featuring gun spinning and exhibition shooting.
Starting a family took JP away from the entertainment world but provided an opportunity to continue his passion for firearms, the second amendment, and teaching by selling firearms as the Manager of our title sponsor, AZFirearms.

1) You moved away to Chicago for a while, but now that you are back in AZ the entertainment career is ramping back up again! Tell us what is happening in that part of your life.
2) You also are the manager of AZFirearms. And you started like a week before all of the crazy of Covid hit. Walk us through the past few months. How did you and your new team adjust?
3) What kind of trends were / are you seeing? What is the main reason people – especially first-time gun owners are looking for their first gun and what kinds of guns are selling?
4) Do you have any kind of a crystal ball into what we can expect for the next few months on availability of guns and ammo?

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