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Paul McCain 24 Dec 2013

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A Close Look at a Mauser K98 - World War II Bolt Action Rifle w/ Nazi Eagle Markings

In General

The Mauser K98 was the main German battle rifle during World War II. It was simply the shortened version of the German Mauser 98, a significantly longer. This rifle was the Carbine version of this classic design.

It went by the full name of Karbiner 98K which stands for "Carbine 98 Short"

This particular rifle was manufactured in 1940 at an actual Mauser plant, specificall: Mauser-Werke AG, Werk Berlin-Borsigwalde, Eichborndamm, Germany.

The butt plate has the marking bpr 40 WaA497 and at the bottom of the butt plate 5171 b

There are Nazi proof marks, frankly, all over the place on the various part of the rifle: bolt, bolt pieces, front sight, etc.

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gunsandknifelove 4 months ago

It's the opposite.the mauser is the far superior rifle.and thats a proven fact. Nobody copies the lee endfield . It's far from reliable when compared to a mauser. In Norway we changed the caliber on our Mausers to 30-06 and with much better sights. Now that is a good rifle. And we used our Krag Jørgensen rifles in 6.5*55mm in the war.

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