upnorthairgunner 20 Nov 2017

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AirForce Texan Big Bore Airgun Hunters Supply Short Shroud Testing with .357 Air Rifle

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The AirForce Texan Big Bore Airgun is loud - period. But if you are looking for ways to quiet down the report - this is a perfect solution! In a previous video where I demonstrated the accuracy improvements of the Hunters Supply Short Shroud I didn't do a good job of showing the before and after sound suppression improvements. So after a long week of hunting I thought I'd do a comprehensive test before packing it in to head home. This video does show the huge difference, but in person it is actually much more significant. This test was done with the camera exactly 5 yards in front of the muzzle. Make sure to check out the short shroud and Texan Tuning services from David Williams at Hunters Supply - click here for more info: http://www.hunters-supply.com/....texan-short-shroud-c and http://www.hunters-supply.com/....airforce-texan-tunin

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