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AKM bayonet not upside down , Why, Soviet doctrine

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Discussing the Russian Soviet AKM doctrine of the bayonets configuration that appears to many as it being "upside down." AKM bayonet also referred to as type i, 6x3 and also improved AKM and AK74 bayonet 6x4, type II. The type 1 and type 2 having the distinctive look of when attached to an AKM variant or AK74 variant configured with its blade upward. Due to its multipurpose in the field that's how it came to be produced that way. As a bayonet, edged fighting knife for close quarters battle / hand to hand combat, wire cutting capabilities, and miscellaneous uses found by bored soldiers. The US Army M9 bayonet draws a lot of its build configuration from the AKM bayonet. Many southern knife fighters dating back before the American Civil War will identify the configuration of the AKM edge up / reverse edge as a well known viable fighting method with a knife. In fact many of the CSA Confederacy that knew how to knife fight carried reverse edge knives. There's many names for the AKM bayonet and so there's many answers to that configuration that's considered correct in the name of the bayonet.

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