Caleb Downing
Caleb Downing 13 Apr 2019

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Allegiance Strikes Again, Silent Strike 95gr

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Hey there folks. I got another box of ammo from Jeff over at Allegiance Ammo. There are still a couple things that need to be worked on to get this ammo to run reliably but its a great concept and something I look forward to getting its kinks worked out.
I'd encourage y'all to drop Jeff a message and encourage him to get that 80gr ammo fixed. If they could make it out of lead and reprofile that bullet point then I'd bet it would be a supremely superb round.

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Let me know what y'all think, and enjoy!


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chuck_bobuck 1 year ago

Do yourself a favor and get a .223 case gauge before you disparage your rifles. My guess is that cases need to be run through a small base body die before being loaded. You could always avoid all this hassle buy getting a 300 blackout upper but if you have already invested in .223 cans, I get what you're going for. I felt your frustration. Good luck brother, keep the videos coming.

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