The_Pew_Pew_Review 01 Aug 2018

Alpha Outpost Reaper Box Put To The Test (will it pass?)

In General

In this episode of Tactical Tues on The Pew Pew Review I will be opening my first ever Alpha Outpost Subscription box and putting it to the test. Will the Reaper Box Pass? Also I use the Stuff in the box to complete the challenge Alpha Outpost set forth. If you like the products you see in this video be sure to swing on over to to sign-up for your monthly subscription today it'll be the best thing you did all year!

Also If you liked the Hoodie I was wearing in the video go check out and get one for yourself. They sell this one and many more designs to suit your style!

Have a kick ass day and as always ILL SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY!

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