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Black Sheep Gun Works 12 Sep 2019

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Amend2Mags:Everything you need to know about the best budget mags on the market.

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Need quality and affordable magazines for your Glock handguns and AR15s? Look no further, Amend2 has you covered! As you can tell, these magazines are rock solid and the best value on the market, in my opinion. Made 100% here in the USA, in Idaho. Be sure to like and subscribe, and stock up on magazines using the link below😎

Use code: BSGW20 and save 20%😎
Amend2Mags for Glock and AR15

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Glock 19 Gen 4

Sig Sauer p320 X-Carry

IWI Masada ORP

Sightmark Mini Shot M Spec

Liberty CivilDefense 9mm 50gr+p2000fps

Streamlight tlr1hl 800lm wml

Sig Sauer Romeo 1 rds

GoGunUsa Gas Pedal for p320

Apex Tactical forward set trigger bar

3d Printed Metal Magwell and basepad

Infinity Targets (self healing rubber)
Use code Tyler15 and save 15%!

Tactical Pontoon(Triggers and more)
Use code BSGW7 and save 7%!

Cerakoted p320/p365 grip modules

Extant Labs CLP & Gun Grease

Cain Arms LLC 3D Printed MagExtensions

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