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Ghost Tactical 14 Aug 2018

American Gun Chic: Sellout or Activist? I'm Calling You Out!: It's Rant Time!!!!

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American Gun Chic: Sellout or Activist? I'm Calling You Out!: It's Rant Time!!!!

Brickell with American Gun Chic seems to be a channel that is trying to bring more women to the Gun Community. But, is she that beacon or is it all a scam?

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Credit: Trey Miller
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BigAl73 10 days ago

Man did you hit the nail on the head. She might as well be getting dollar bills stuffed in her jeans on the stage. She's a cash ho.

   0    0
Opie01 23 days ago

Ghost your 100% correct I have women in my family that was watching her up until she started with the short shorts and skin-tight shirts, not saying she's not a good person, but she's going down a wrong avenue for what she started out doing.

   0    0
PMdoit 2 months ago

AGC not only helps women feel comfortable around guns but is also helpful to other newbies if all genders. Get off your soap box. I think she is making a mistake getting off YouTube but that's her business.

   0    0
bazza56 2 months ago

Or maybe you need to mind your business and keep your this about your channel.

   1    0
StampedePrime 3 months ago

I seen AGC on her video and thought it was a waste of 1:37 seconds of my time. I'm going to slap myself

   0    0
StampedePrime 3 months ago

There are a few woman pages that are trying to get famous from this site. I can't tell people not to come here, I wish that I could because women always invade men channel for attention. I thought, finally a channel that men can talk about what they love, but there is always a woman that would come and make it a make-up channel or how to basket weave, or even how to cook in men underwear. They can't stay out of men business but they mess up a good thing then get it taken away from men.

   0    0
Ghost Tactical
Ghost Tactical 7 months ago

Thanks for watching. I would enjoy them over mine too

   2    1
wwmeeks2 7 months ago

Mind your own business and worry about your own channel. I enjoy her tits and ass over yours!

   4    1
dryocum 7 months ago

I don’t even follow AGC . But, who really cares! You must really be bored ?

   3    0
Ghost Tactical
Ghost Tactical 7 months ago

I am bored of watching her throw away an actual opportunity to make a difference

   3    1
Armament_and_Axes 7 months ago

just watched this on youtube. thanks for the sub brother !

   1    0
Ghost Tactical
Ghost Tactical 7 months ago

no worries

   0    0
Ghost Tactical
Ghost Tactical 7 months ago

Let me know what you think are the best ways to get more women in the gun community

   4    1
Doublefeed 7 months ago

Well it's definitely not you!

   2    0

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