The 402 Outdoorsman
The 402 Outdoorsman 29 Jun 2020

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In this episode of The 402 Outdoorsman, Tyler discusses the recent shut down of GunStreamer, and how it affects small streamers and channels such as The 402 Outdoorsman.
Here's how you can help:
1. Sign up for a GunTube or Full30 account to watch The 402 Outdoorsman.
2. If you create content buy some space on GunTube.
3. Support anyway you can, get exposure to these sites to help preserve the 2nd Amendment.
4. If possible get some merchandise from content creators or from the sites directly.
5. If there is any sites that you know of or think I need comment below!!

Please Support!! Supporting and Preserving the 2nd Amendment!!

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Robert 15 days ago

The channel size is not what youtube uses to gauge whether to cut or not, look at infowars, YT often reset their view stats as they dominated YT traffic,
&, in the better part of 6-8 months did you ever try

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The 402 Outdoorsman
The 402 Outdoorsman 15 days ago

I did. I even had a contact that works with them from Ghost Tactical on YT. I have messaged them and emailed them and I haven't heard much from them. Idk how they are even still alive on there.

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Rick Nethery's  Firearm Channel

You have to pay to post on Guntube ?

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The 402 Outdoorsman
The 402 Outdoorsman 15 days ago

You don't, for people to post all their videos on there I think you can get 10GB free to upload. You can use a youtube link and save it on there. I know that the maximum I think is $25 a month for 25GB but that's a ton of storage. I love using the chamber that he has on there.

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