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Antique Toy Guns - J.M. Davis Arms And Historical Museum (Tour)

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We got to check out some very cool antique toy guns and hear a very story about a trade between Mr. Davis and one of his nephews involving a rather controversial toy gun trade. The neat stories from the J.M. Davis Arms And Historical Museum tour just keep coming.

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johnsmith 5 years ago

John Monroe Davis, (and mayor of the local town for years), sounds like a 'sharpie' trader, in this video. ... A friend of CloverTac, GunWebsites, seems to lose-out or just break-even on his trading adventures. GWebs also seems to give a lot of stuff away too! ... The only trading-deal GWebs, come out ahead on, is when he trades with his best-friend, Mello, to watch all of the stuff in the Gear Websites Store, for big bowls of dog food.

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CloverTac Productions
CloverTac Productions 5 years ago

true, we often give way too much but it is because we appreciate those out there that are no only following but passing the info along. speaking of Mr Davis though, I have a video somewhere here talking about how he tried to screw a nephew out of a toy gun. LOL that one is pretty interesting if you can find it.

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CloverTac Productions
CloverTac Productions 5 years ago

never mind, this is that video LOL

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