ArmedAndFeminine 17 Jun 2018

AR-15 Intro to Rifle

In General

Firearms Information geared toward women

A wonderful day on the range when Lori Ann Blackwell comes with a trailer full of fun!

Video and Production: Kelly-Charles Pidgeon,
Warning: This is a firearms video. Please treat all firearms as if they are loaded and always keep them pointed in a safe direction.
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All music is from my husband's band, Boats Against the Current, available on iTunes.

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SoCarRob 11 months ago

I applaud you for introducing new shooters, especially women, to the ability to protect themselves and their family. However in several of your videos there are some glaring issues. In this one I'll point out one with the caveat that it's apparent many of these women have never fired an AR-15 before. One of these women had the carry handle so close to her shooting glasses (2:49) that had she not been wearing them it the rifle may have contacted her face. Proper instruction and supervision should be applied to new shooters especially. Please don't misunderstand, I don't want anyone to get hurt and if there are training deficiencies present then that could become a reality. I fully support the work you are doing and hope that many more take up the flag of freedom along with you!

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