LoadsOfBacon 06 Oct 2019

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AR-15 Pistols: 1st Shots with the .300 BLK and .458 SOCOM

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This is a function check and the first shots fired from my new AR-15 pistols.

Several months ago I bought a 10.5" fast twist 1:10 .458 SOCOM pistol upper from Tromix and an 8.5" .300 BLK pistol upper with lower build kit, plus a lower, from Palmetto State Armory. I am using the same lower with both uppers.

You can find links to many of the items I am using on the post at The Reloaders Network here: https://thereloadersnetwork.co....m/2019/10/06/ar-15-p

Many thanks to Starline Brass for providing the brass for both pistols!

And here is the video where the lower was assembled: Building an AR-15 Lower – Loads of Bacon and Full.Lead.Taco Assemble Together! (w/ OzarkSpirit) - https://thereloadersnetwork.co....m/2019/03/20/buildin

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