IvanTheTroll 02 Oct 2019

AR15 3D Printed AutoSear Demo and Explanation

In General

Because my accounts and such seem to keep getting taken down - I'll update contact info using headers. Disregard contact info in the comments, as it may be bad. Link should all be good - leave a comment or ping me if a link to files isn't working.

email me: ivanthetroll@protonmail.com
Twitter: @Det_Disp
Keybase: IvanTheTroll

Video of sear provided by legal SOT FFL.

Demo and explanation of the 3D printed Swift link.

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sonny_69 13 days ago

How do you like using your printed lowers vs a standard aluminum one? Which do you like better, why?

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IvanTheTroll 9 days ago

I like them for their customization options and ease of manufacture - its easier to print a lower than to mill an 80%. I don't like the idea of background checks, so I haven't actually bought a finished lower - I value the total anonymity that printing a lower offers over buying a finished one, or buying an 80% online.

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XYZebruh 29 days ago

Is this the same model from the fosscad megapack

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IvanTheTroll 28 days ago

I don't think so.

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