NicTaylor00 12 Sep 2018

AR15 Malfunction Caught on Video - Slow Motion

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While working on a video displaying bolt bounce on the gas operation AR15 rifle. I was fortunate to capture video of case separation on a 556 round while the rifle was cycling. This slow motion video shows the rear half for the brass cartridge being ejected from the chamber while the front half of the case only comes out part way and causes a Failure to Feed FTF. This type of failure has happened to me on numerous occasions and all with the same re-manufactured (reloaded) ammo. See my Helicopter Video for the first time it happened.

The brass is range brass which means it is uncertain of exactly how many times it has been reloaded and what type of rifle or carbine it had been shot in before. This type of ammo is less expensive than new ammo and is good for training and practice. However, I would not recommend hand loaded ammo for your 3-gun matches or using in your duty rifle.

Music by TeknoAXE, "Cover Blown"

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