NicTaylor00 12 Sep 2018

AR15 Whiskey Arms Aluminum Bolt Carrier

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Light Weight Recoil Buffer Spring:

Light Weight Bolt Carrier:

Introducing the Whiskey Arms Lightweight Bolt Carrier. The L.B.C. is an extremely lightweight Aluminum M16 bolt carrier. The weight reduction makes for a very soft shooting and fast cycling rifle, which translates to less felt recoil and faster target reacquisition.
- Recommended for competition use only. (Not for duty applications)
- Made from 7075 T6 Aluminum
- 111 grams with key installed.
- Using an adjustable gas block is very important for this part.
- You will see more wear with this part than with the steel versions.
-Wear to the upper receiver is normal. Upper receivers with coatings like KG Gunkote tend to wear better than standard anodized uppers.
- Increased contact surfaces for more consistent and smooth carrier travel.
- Rifle length gas system is recommended for longest service life.
- The LBC requires heavy lubrication.
-The hammer should be lightened and have all sharp edges that contact the carrier relieved.
- Regular checks and maintenance of the entire system are recommended for all firearms and parts, but are necessary to achieve the longest possible service life with this part.

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