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Gould Brothers 21 Sep 2018

Archery Trick Shots 🏹 Prime Logic Compound Bow | Gould Brothers

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Archery Trick Shots | Prime Logic Compound Bow: We're so excited to get back out bow hunting this fall, but before we do, here's a few archery trick shots with the Prime Logic compound bow. If you would like to see us do more archery trick shots, comment below and let us know.

Learn more about the PRIME LOGIC bow 👉 http://bit.ly/PrimeLogic

Steve's Sight: Spot Hogg Grinder 5 http://bit.ly/spothogggrinder
Aaron's Sight: HHA Ultra http://bit.ly/HHAUltra
Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro-V Rest http://bit.ly/VaporTrailRests
Carbon Express Flu Flu Arrows http://bit.ly/FluFlus
Cabelas Stalker Extreme Arrows http://bit.ly/StalkerExtreme

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🎉 💥 Live Exhibition Shooting Shows 💥🎉
The Gould Brothers perform a one of a kind live trick shooting entertainment show that will amaze you with their shooting feats while making you laugh as they share their stories and compete against each other with "brotherly love". http://bit.ly/BooktheBros

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