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[ARFCOM News] IL Bans Protesting + PA Online Ammo Sales Ban + TP In Stock At Franklin Armory

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In this edition of ARFCOM News:

- Joe Biden doesn't understand how video works and can't do math.

- GOA asks NY governor Andrew Cuomo to red flag senator Chuck Schumer

- Charges dismissed for NJ security guard, Roosevelt Twyne, for carrying hollow point ammo

- Gun control bills stopped in Nebraska

- Nebraska politicians try to ban guns at capitol

- New Mexico governor whines that sheriffs won't enforce red flag law

- 11 year old brings loaded rifle to Idaho legislature

- Tennessee Constitutional carry bill passes out of committee

- Illinois bans protesting

- Mayor of Champaign, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana both grant themselves authority to ban gun and alcohol sales

- Everytown Law sues Lucky Gunner for selling ammo to Santa Fe shooter

- Pennsylvania wants to ban online ammo sales and require $50 permit to buy ammo

- Franklin Armory has toilet paper in stock.

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