ArmedAndFeminine 29 Jul 2019

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ARMED and Feminine - My Stance on Stance

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Firearms Information geared toward women

My Stance on proper stance.

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Warning: this video deals with live fire exercises. Please make sure you're trained before attempting.

Video and Production: Kelly-Charles Pidgeon,

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RobertM 1 year ago

Exactly. That is why I shoot Chapman stance that is a modified Weaver stance because its flexible allowing you to move and you brace off of one leg or the other so you are balanced better and you present less of a target. Its more natural. I use the same stance in martial arts. That is what you are using when you move to different positions. Isosceles is not any of that. Nobody shot Isosceles back in my club days. They should not be teaching it. Its not a natural balanced stance for the human body. Thanks for sharing.

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