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Armed Communists Have Seized Land In America!

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Armed Communists Have Seized Land In America!

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Hoagy_007 1 month ago

I live about 10 minutes from CHAZ and this is really going down. Not doing anything is not an option, that will only empower this group of domestic terrorists and others and we'll have dozens of 'CHAZ's' in the U.S. How Seattle and the U.S. Govt. responds to this will be telling and set the tone and path for our republic. If the sh#$ does go down we are more than ready. We are actually moving to Eastern WA in a few weeks, I don't want to say this won't be an issue for us anymore and I say that because I love this country. Not doing anything is not an option.

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Doublefeed 1 month ago

No food, water, electricity, hygiene products. Weld the sewer and drainage lids closed. Nobody gets in or out! See how long it takes before they start shooting each other.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 1 month ago

Yep seal them in and let nature take its course.

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Reloader59 1 month ago

Why are we not killing these ftards? If the government in Seattle won't move on them, or the Feds will not move on them, than WE THE PEOPLE should move on them. If we let this stand, it will happen all over the country. We should be hunting them down and exterminating them ALL.

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