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Armed Robbery Stopped with Well Placed Shots

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Do you really believe the mantra popularized by Wayne LaPierre that "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun"? This video seems to give evidence that it has truth, and every practitioner of Active Self Protection needs to take the lessons to heart!

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Original video here: (I have no location data or news story on this"¦if you do, please PM me so I can add that information)

How do I protect myself from an armed robbery?

1. Recognize that danger exists and it can happen to you. (this is the first saying we embrace at my martial arts school, Attitude First, as we begin studying Kenpo) Once you embrace that truth, you can begin to prepare to protect yourself.

2. Keep your firearm on you at all times, if at all possible. This defender only had what was on his person to stop this armed robbery and the potential death of several people. Keep your gun on you!

3. Shoot until the threat stops. The armed robber was shot once and turned to engage the defender, so the defender shot him again. Once he went down and his gun left his hand, the defender stopped shooting. That's awesome. He kept his eye on the armed robber so that if the robber presented any additional threats, he could continue to defend himself. We shoot to stop the threat, and once the threat to life and limb ends, our moral standing to use deadly force ends.

4. I might recommend having the armed robber put his hands behind his head, but that's a pretty small nit to pick.

5. I like that the defender moved into the threat to ensure shots hit his target. Shooting under stress is very difficult, and while every graduate of an NRA pistol course thinks they can hit a perp at 10 yards, the reality is that stress makes that very hard. So he got in close while the bad guy's attention was not on him and made sure his shots counted. That was awesome!

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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