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Cav Trooper 19D 12 Nov 2019

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Arsenal SAM7R doesn't have bayonet lug

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Deeper dive into the Arsenal SAM7R or Bulgarian AR-M1 infantry rifle AK variant. in regarding to its export base configuration to foreign militaries and the civilian market like the United States importation. The SAM7R is configured into what the Bulgarians at the Circle 10 factory or Arsenal AD in Kazanlak, Bulgaria the AR-M1 "base configuration" or "export configuration." This video will help to clear up why your AK bayonet of any generation outside of a milled type iii won't work. The lug accepting the AKM pattern bayonet insert such as the 6x4, 6x4 II, 6x5, and etc. This video does give insight into how a bayonet can be attached if so choose to.

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Rifle: Arsenal SAM7R
Bulgarian AR-M1 (Infantry counterpart)

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Tim Hruby
Tim Hruby 8 months ago

Well I'll take a grenade launcher any day, now who sells grenade's lol

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Cav Trooper 19D
Cav Trooper 19D 8 months ago

Lmao!!! Right?! Im all in for one too! Thanks for subscribing brother! I was on here when you subbed so i was able to go straight to yours and subscribe as well! Im officially your 1st sub, lol!

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