Cav Trooper 19D
Cav Trooper 19D 22 Oct 2019

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Arsenal SAM7R

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The Arsenal SAM7 series is Arsenal Inc. premium offering in their AK line of rifles and pistols. Built on Hot die hammer forged receiver using a 5 ton hammer requiring 5.5 hours of labor intensive process to make a battle capable receiver up to Military standards. The SAM7 series is built on the same components and line as their select fire counterpart...the AR. The SAM7R is the exact and splitting image rifle as the AR-M1 only in semiautomatic for civilian sale. Other than that it is the exact same rifle as the AR-M1 used buy Bulgaria's armed forces and other countries around the world that has adopted the AR series. I was in Afghanistan when the ANA or Afghan National Army received their Bulgarian AR-M1, AR-M9, and AR-M9F. Sometimes written ARM1, ARM9, ARM9F. These rifles are built in same Circle 10 factory under communist rule back in very early 1960's in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. The barrels are cold hammer forged which is considered a superior process using Steyr technology. The Arsenal SAM7 series is a favorite of mine. I'm a sucker for milled AK's ever since I first saw my Dad's type III milled AK47. Which he still has. Of the series the Arsenal SAM7R is my favorite and is an incredibly crafted rifle.

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Rifle: Arsenal SAM7R-61
Bulgarian infantry counterpart: Arsenal AR-M1

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