MustyYeti 29 Dec 2010

Arsenal SGL21 AK-47

In General

Well it was one holly jolly Christmas when I opened this present. Here is my brand new Arsenal SGL21 AK-47. This rifle is just amazing guys. The stamped receiver was made in Russia and imported by Arsenal in Las Vegas. When the AK arrives they do a serious over hall on it to make it look like your typical AK-47. Arsenal does a great job of building these things to Russian army standards. When you break this thing open you will see all new serial matching numbers. What you're looking at here is a true brand new Russian AK-47. This rifle shoots the 7.62X39 cartridge, which maxes out about 300 yards. It came with a black polymer stock set which I will be changing soon. If you guys have any questions please let me know. Thanks for watching and please subscribe.

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