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Guns & Gadgets 06 Jul 2019

ATF Changes the Rules on AR Pistol Overall Length

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ATF Changes the Rules on AR Pistol Overall Length

Please pass this along to those you know who this will affect!!

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renxian 3 months ago

I don't understand why the number of hands used is even relevant. You don't even shoot a pistol one handed typically. As usual the ATF is useless and nonsensical.

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Shawnbothedestroyer 3 months ago

So at what point is it a vertical grip or a hand stop or finger stop

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GreyWolf 3 months ago

They say, having a Vertical Grip means it will be used by Two Hands when shooting. Doesn't makes sense, because when you have a M Lok or any other Hand Rail on the AR Pistol, you will be using Two Hands when shooting. They should specify it to be shot One Handed only, instead of all this add on rules.

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