GunFreedomRadio 23 Oct 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP268 Virtual 2020 2A DC Rally: Jerah Hutchins

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Our guest today is Jerah Hutchins. Jerah is a firearms trainer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.
She has a footprint in fighting human trafficking, works with and provides investigations for the FBI Violent Crime Task Force and runs her non-profit (WADE- Women’s Awareness & Defense Endeavor) which provides self defense education for low income women and single mothers.
1) Talk to us about WADE and what you do for women.
2) You will be one of the Speakers at the 2020 Virtual 2A Rally coming up on Sat, Oct 24th. Can you give us a sneak preview of what you will be speaking on?
3) How important it is for women to be able to speak articulately and intelligently about the 2nd Amendment?
4) What do you say to people who think that Rallies only serve to “preach to the choir”?

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