NOCFirearmsChannel 26 Mar 2018

Background Checks Don't Stop Criminals From Harming Us!

In General

My fellow Americans; I urge you to all here me through this entire video; despite your stance on guns. I believe that background checks, and investigations into a certain criminal element has not stopped us from being harmed in massive ways.

Please open your eyes and please please please watch the entire video before you make a judgement or comment; that is all I ask :)

What can we do from keeping them from harming us? We can use our right to vote to scrutinize them even more; dig way into their history and of course add mandatory assignment terms before they can be allowed to serve. I also want to be able to enter their homes and ask them to give up their seats whenever I fell the NEED to be able to do so.

They also don't NEED, lavish spending accounts, excessive travel, and I want to be able to deny them any of these rights if I get my feelings hurt or if another person in their position anywhere in the country abuses their authority!

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