PhoenixPhart 07 Sep 2019

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Bannerman - Model 1896 - 12 Gauge

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Shooting my new (very old) Bannerman Model 1896. Initially produced by the Spencer Arms Company as the Model 1882, the rights were purchased by Francis Bannerman in 1890. The shotgun sports a very unique design not copied anywhere else today and the original model is the very first successful pump action shotgun that eventually was eclipsed by the Winchester 1897.

The shotgun normally would hold 5-6 shells, but I only had a single 25 round box of low pressure shells so I limited the video to 3 rounds due to malfunctions with the ejection system (firing pin getting caught on the frame during ejection).

Great help with recording from my friend; check out his videos here!

(Sorry for the reupload, I forgot to add a couple pictures in the end)

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