Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus 04 Sep 2021

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Battle Buddy 3 Gun

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Rob Pincus has done a lot of interesting stuff with guns, but he got to do something new thanks to Battle Buddy 3 Gun recently: he ran through a 3 Gun Stage while wheelchair bound.

This opportunity presented itself at the Primary Optics range Day event in Texas. "Battle Buddy 3 Gun" is a new non-profit that is running matches for both wheelchair bound and non-impaired shooters"¦ giving friends the opportunity to shoot together and encouraging those who may not be able to compete in standard events to get out to the range.

They've already run events in a few states and they are looking for hosts, participants and industry supporters. While founded by Veterans, their events are open to anyone.

They have several of these chairs set up specifically for competition use and for people to experience what it is like to shoot a stage from a chair.

Learn more at

Much thanks to Primary Arms ( for hosting their Range Day event, despite NRA and others cancelling!

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